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Gemstone Pendant, Unakite Hexagonal Healing Point

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We have a series of Hexagonal Healing points great for the healer on the go.  They look great as Necklaces and are very fashionable.  They are also great to use as a Pendulum for Reiki or other energy work. So you can always have a tool on you to help show the blockages in flow, no matter where you are. 

 These are made from Gemstones, so you can have the properties of the gemstone help detect and align as well. Chain or Leather cord comes with necklace, we will try to accommodate any particular color requests, else if shipped, color of necklace is our choice.

Unakite Properties: Draws off negative energy and blockages from the heart chakra. Helps you see the beauty in life. used to uncover deception. Used in spell casting it gives the user a more confident control of any spell., aids in finding things that have been lost.