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Gemstone Pendant, Amethyst Slice Hand Wrapped in Sterling Silver

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This gorgeous Amethyst slice is expertly wrapped by hand in beautiful sterling silver. The wrap is kept simple and organic to show off the fantastic beauty of this lovely gemstone. Measures approx 3.5" from top of bail to bottom of the stone and 2" across at it's widest point. A stunning statement piece for sure!

This is a one of a kind piece, when it's gone it's gone for good! Grab it now while you can!

We have a one of a kind creation from Nightwisp Designs. Each special piece the artist creates is creatively designed out of the finest Gemstones and Precious Metals in the Nightwisp Studio studio in the mountains of PA . All work is expertly crafted by Artist and Metalsmith Lyndsey Hagerty who brings magic and life to metal and gems. She melds the materials into unique and awesome items that can be found nowhere else.