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Gemstone Pendant, Copper and Rhyolite artwork

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We have a one of a kind creation from Nightwisp Designs. This pendant is creatively designed out of the finest Gemstones and Precious Metals in the Nightwisp Studio studio in the mountains of PA . All work is expertly crafted by Artist and Metalsmith Lyndsey Hagerty who brings magic and life to metal and gems. She melds the materials into unique and awesome items that can be found nowhere else.

This pendant was created by allowing the Copper to speak to the artist.

This item is a Rhyolite oval set in a unique copper pendant. With copper dangles, crystals and round gemstones, this is a true art piece. It is a fusion of gemstone, metal, and artist.

Reported Rhyolite properties:

Balance, regeneration, Astral travel and channeling.

Reported Copper Metaphysical Properties

Copper’s history, legend and lore is long and varied. Its use by the human race dates back more than 10,000 years with a great many applications.  It is in fact said to be the first metal of humanity, showing up in Egyptian and Sumerian metallurgy back to 3900 BC. The ancients quickly saw the healing properties of this metal and incorporated this amazing metal into their medical lore

Copper is a great conductor and very useful in conducting the healing properties of the gemstones to the wearer.  Copper itself is said to combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, and irritability.

Copper is useful in opening the Base and Sacral Chakras. Copper advances the intuitive to assist in the wearers path of evolution.

Copper is said to stabilize and balance the body’s blood flow. Used throughout history to combat bacterial infections, arthritis, Rheumatism and stimulate the metabolic processes.