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Meditation: Edgar Cayces Approach to Lifes Challenges: The Light from Within

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Forget the idea of meditation as a difficult and time consuming practice for divorcing oneself from the real world. In fact, meditation based on the simple method described by Edgar Cayce, America's most famous psychic, offers profound yet safe experiences that can enhance soul growth and give us useful, sometimes life changing spiritual guidance. Harry Glover, a meditator with decades of experience, has distilled his extensive knowledge of the meditation information in the Cayce readings into a simple, practical system that can be incorporated easily into our daily lives and still enhance our lives physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. Glover takes us step-by-step through the meditation experience, illustrating it with experiences from his own life and shows us how meditation opens a channel for spiritual energy to flow from the Creator to us and from us into the world. Glover, also, discusses the changes that can occur during and as a result of meditation, the role of prayer in meditation and how meditation can help us meet life's challenges.