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Candle, Wedding Couple Shaped Black

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Wedding couple candles can be used to address romantic relationships of any kind, typically aimed towards long term relationships. They can be used to address past, present, or future relationships.

Approx 6'' high x 2'' wide

 Use the Black candle For:

Severing ties with past relationships, to remove hexes or curses placed on a current relationship, aid separation during divorce or breaking up a relationship.

Also good for power, to dispel, banish and absorb negatives and evil, for protection, binding and habit breaking.

Use in meditation, to stop frustrations and irritations and to ease sorrow and grief.

 Black is to represent the Earth and Saturn.

Black can represent the magical and mystical, the unknown, the dark, and any known or unknown fears. It can aid in sleep, acceptance, and forgiveness.

These unique candles are an unique way to add or fun to your home decor. These candles are an interesting alternative to your typical taper. These candles are often a topic of conversation at any gathering.

They also make a great gift for the candle collector who has seen it all. Combining function with style, these shaped candles are a must have.