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Burner, Heart Cut Out Pattern Incense / Coffin Box & Burner (Sticks)

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New from The Willow Workbench, we have Incense Boxes/ Coffin Boxes. You can store your incense as well as an ashtray to collect all the ashes and keep your tables clean.  All incense/coffin boxes are made from1/8 Baltic Birch.  They use finger joints to assemble the boxes.  Approximate size is 10"x2"x2"

In magics, Birch is associated with inception, fertility, and sometimes with purification. (Birch has natural antiseptic properties.) Birch is traditionally used for the Witch’s besom, Beltane fires and Maypoles, and Yule logs. “Birch into the fire goes/In sign of what the Lady knows,” goes the traditional Wiccan rhyme.

Birch does well in rough, acidic soil and cold climates—places where larger deciduous trees cannot grow. Although Birch appears fragile, it is extremely strong. The spirit of Birch offers courage and protection to those who would venture outside of the safe and the normal.

A secondary use of Birch is for protection, especially psychic protection. Birch groves provide shelter for the psychoactive Fly Agaric mushrooms, so Birch is also a patron of sorts for hallucinogenic journeyers. Where Birch is the guardian, the wanderer is said to be safe from madness and Faery tricks.

Birch has been variously linked to the Norse goddesses Frigg, Freya, Idunna, and Hel. It is also surely related to the white maidens (Faeries?) that haunt the forests of Germanic folklore. But the Birch spirit is a larger, older being than even these great Ladies. Nor does Birch easily fit into any one of the Wiccan concepts of the Goddess.